What Services Do I Offer?

I offer Functional Medicine and Chiropractic care


What Conditions do you treat with Functional Medicine?

- Stress/ Adrenal Dysfunction/ Anxiety

- Fatigue

- Gastrointestinal Discomfort

- Female & Male Hormones

- Autoimmune Disease


- Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

- SIBO/ Dysbiosis

- Ehlers Danlos Syndrome


What should I expect on the first Functional Medicine​ visit?

The first visit is where I get to know you, and usually lasts an hour. Where I listen to your concerns and take detailed notes, which means every case is based on the individual. During that time, I also educate you on how to go further with your health and to improve your condition. At the end of the appointment you will then have a specific health plan that is geared towards you. This health plan will likely consist of a specific diet and supplements. I may even suggest obtaining lab work if I feel that it is needed. After this appointment, there will be a short follow-up each week for about a month. After that, I will then see you once a month. 

$180.00 plus tax is the flat fee, and can go higher depending on your case. This flat fee does not include supplements and or lab fees. Each case is also individualized so I can't tell you the exact amount it will be. If you are interested in doing the program but have financial struggles there are options that we can work with, such as with the supplements. 


Functional Medicine patient - follow up

This visit will be a week after your last short visit and will be 30 minutes. It will consist of checking in with the patient to see how they are feeling after having been on their own for the past week. Any concerns or questions, will be answered. I may also change up the supplements that are being given, depending on the condition of the patient. Additional visits such as these will follow, and may be another week or month out depending on the patient.

$59.00 plus tax


What Conditions do you treat with Chiropractic?

Disc Herniations

  • Symptoms include: pain in the low back with coughing, sneezing, or straining to have a bowel movement. Electrical pain that travels down one leg or both. Numbness, Tingling, and weakness down either leg. 

Spinal Stenosis

  • Symptoms: Pain that travels down one leg or both and doesn't go away no matter what you do. Numbness, tingling, weakness down either leg. Impaired bladder or bowel control. 


  • Symptoms include: back pain that travels down the leg which may impair your ability to walk. 


  • Symptoms include: general back pain from osteoporosis.

General Back Pain

  • Symptoms include: general pain in the upper back, mid-back, and low back. 

Neck Pain

  • Symptoms include: general pain at the base of the skull and upper back. 

Migraines, sinus headaches, general headaches

  • Symptoms for a migraine or general headache include: classic aura, sensitivity to light and sound. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, pain located in the front, top, and back of the head.

  • Sinus related: Pain/ pressure/ swelling on the face, ear pain, post nasal drip, recent or current cold, congestion, or runny nose.  


Chiropractic - New Patient

As a new Chiropractic patient this is a 45 minute to an hour visit. This includes vitals, going over the history, physical exam with orthopedic tests, diagnosis, treatment, and may include exercises. We do not accept insurance and are cash only. The price of the visit depends on the number of issues being treated. 

$90.00 - $140.00 plus tax. 

Health Savings Accounts are accepted!


Chiropractic - follow up

This visit is 30 minutes and includes treatment and follow up from the first visit. 

$59.00 plus tax